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Stickit™ 3-in-1 Magnetic Phone Holder is the sleekest and most versatile phone holder you can buy. The most convenient and easiest to use phone holder for the car, truck, RV, boat, home and office is here. Uses magnetic attraction to quickly, effortlessly and safely attach and detach your mobile device to the holder.


Its compact design requires only 1 inch of free space to be installed on a flat hard spot on the dash of a vehicle. Rotates 360ᵒ and tilts in every direction for optimum viewing from any angle. No more damaging vent clip holders, windshield mounted suction cups that obstruct your view, or cumbersome adjustable plastic clasps that break over time.

The Stickit™ comes with 2 mounting plates so you can easily switch between your cell phone and a mobile GPS unit, or multiple cell phones for different drivers for added convenience. Eliminates the need for expensive and space taking GPS stands offering exceptional value.

So much more than just a car phone holder. The 3M High Bond VHB adhesive base allows for secure attachment to any flat surface such as your office work space and even your bathroom mirror. For ultimate versatility, the removable magnetic top now allows your phone to attach to metal surfaces – metal poles for professional selfies, your tool box for those do it yourself videos, your school locker or your refrigerator for all your kitchen needs. Where and how you use your Stickit™ is limited only by your imagination.

Constructed of high quality parts, the elegant silver finish will compliment any vehicles interior.

Convenience, versatility and quality. Buy the best. Buy the original Stickit™. Satisfaction guaranteed.

3 reviews for Black Stickit – Gray

  1. Brayden

    Usually phone mounts are low quality cheap plastic junk. This one isn’t because it seems like it’s made out of solid aluminum and it uses 3M double sided tape. I’m glad they use 3M tape because I’ve had other phone mounts that used a cheaper brand and the tape would melt in the sun.

  2. Fiona

    we have the vent mounts in our vans, but for my personal car i prefer these magnetic ones. this mount is strong enough to keep an iPhone 8 securely mounted on the dashboard. the adhesive backing is incredibly strong, however it needs a good 24-36 hours for optimal curing.

  3. Max

    Doesn’t work well at all through a phone case. Tried this on my iPhone 11 Pro Max through my case and the phone kept falling while driving. Had to apply the other magnetic strip to the other side of the case which holds well but doesn’t look great and now means my partner cannot use her phone with it because I don’t have any additional magnetic plates. Good product when the magnets are in direct contact of each other but could benefit from a bit more length or range of movement on the base holder.

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